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Julius Servant
Name Caster
Kanji キャスター
Rōmaji Kyasutā
Franchise Black Clover
Character Type Servant
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Place of Origin Clover Kingdom
Likes Any form of magic.
Image Color Transparent
Servant Classes Castericon
Armaments Grimoire
Statistics and Parameters
Spirit Julius Novachrono
Master ???
Alignment Good
Strength B
Endurance C
Agility A+
Mana A+
Luck E
N. Phantasm Rank A
Skills and Noble Phantasms
Class Skills Independent Action A
Magic Resistance B
Personal Skills Transformation B
Instinct B
Mana Zone A
Noble Phantasms Chrono Stasis
Chrono Anastasis

Caster (Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā) is a servant summoned by 「 」 during the ??? Holy Grail War.

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