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Sword of Life and Heaven (命天の剣, Myōten no Ken?)
Japanese Name 天生牙てんせいが
Owner Sesshōmaru
Type Anti-Unit
Anti-Army (Sōryūha)
Rank B
B+ (Sōryūha)
Range 2-3
1~75 (Sōryūha)
Maximum number
of targets
1 person
100 people (Sōryūha)
Tenseiga: Sword of Life and Heaven (天生牙・命天の剣てんせいが・みょうてんのけん, Tenseiga: Myōten no Ken?) is a Noble Phantasm wielded by Sesshōmaru, which he inherited from his father. Forged as a sword of healing from the fang of a great demon, and incapable of harming or killing living beings, the blade possesses the unique characteristic of resurrecting the dead and mending the wounded. Despite the sword's obvious limitation, it does have the ability to cut down beings that are not native to the world of the living, such as spirits and the undead. While normally seldom used in combat, Tenseiga displays a surprising potential as a weapon during the ??? Holy Grail War due to the effectiveness of the blade against the spiritual bodies of Servants.

Attributes and UsageEdit